Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Just another regular Monkey night

Colin's going to South Africa for 2 weeks so tonight we had a small gathering at his place. Half of the gathering time was spent dressing up in ridiculous outfits and half of the time was spent ordering items <$100 off MEC's website.

Anne & Colin

Greta, Anne, Colin & Evan posing

Rrrrr the pirate doesn't like legs Rrrr

The gym is this way!
(Clearly Anne was having too much fun dressing up)

Thanks to my stupidity I only wore a long sleeve shirt and a fleece jacket as my top layer. I nearly froze my nuts off biking home from Colin's place back to my place... approximately a 1.2 km ride.

Totally off topic... Blogrolling functions has been down for over a month now. Hopefully everything will come back online soon so I can add some more links.