Saturday, 6 December 2008

Cause I let you down my friend, but I'll never let you down again

This is another random post. Once again my mind is everywhere as if it's a car driving down the street at 200 miles/hour. 
I've been watching a lot of movies lately. The past few week I went through the following: -Futurama -Get Smart -The Sharp End -Russell Peters -Quantum of Solace -Wanted
The Sharp End trailer, great movie!
I don't know if it's because the lack of decent TV programs to watch (I only get 28 channels only ~10 watchable ones), the crappy Vancouver weather, or that I have nothing to do. In some way it's kinda nice to catch up on some of the movies I haven't watched but deep inside I just want to play outside and take pictures... why wouldn't it snow? A few tele turns down the slope and maybe a few tele-face-plants into fresh powder. Is that too much to ask Snow God? Maybe Snow God is angry at us for driving too much? I signed up on Wordpress today and played in the sandbox like a little kid. The Wordpress themes are way more professional looking than Blogger's but somehow I feel constrained. To use the "advanced" features (CCS) one would have to pay. Being the cheap bastard I am, I realy don't want to pay. So the option is stick with "old" blogger (I haven't switch over to the new layout) or jump the ship and move over to Wordpress. I guess only time will tell... Last night I was talking to Stacy on G-talk (aka the ex-wife. Ok I think this inside joke needs to die) and somehow the conversation stumbled upon the topic of love interests. You see there is this girl I was interested in and made several attempts for a casual date/coffee/whatever you call it. Anyway, she seemed to be always busy and never really replied my messages despite making myself pretty clear that I'm interested. Eventually I got fed up and decided that she's not worth my time. "She's not worth your time," Stacy wrote as I told her about they story.
Funny cuz that's exactly what Lorraine said too...
"So tell me the top 5 traits you're looking for." "Outdoorsy is a must, or at least have an appreciation for the outdoors." "And she must be sarcastic and not afraid to be goofy. I mean look at our circle of friends. We're all fucking goof-balls." "Touche." This morning I helped Stacy moving to her place in Kits. It's a really nice 1 bedroom place. Funny that I've seen her place already considering that she hasn't yet seen my apartment since I moved in back in May. I seriously need to lock myself in a cave, away from the civilization for a while, just to prevent myself from spending money on goodies. I made a few big purchases the last two months - an outdoor down jacket, winter outdoor gear, and a MacBook Pro. Today I went to MEC and purchased myself this. Yes I bought a $420 avalanche beacon. It was painful giving the cashier my Visa card and singing the receipt. MEC rents out beacons at $35/week. I better head out a lot this winter season to justify this insane purchase... Oh I've decided to give Twitter another try after reading Tyler's recent post. You can find me at (it's not that hard to figure out isn't it?) Time to make myself dinner and maybe watch another movie. Ha!